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3600 Broadway (cross street 148th), New York, NY 10031 (click here for map)

Our opening hours are currently:
Sunday – Thursday – 11:30AM to 11:30PM

Friday + Saturday – 11:30AM to 1:00AM


Voted Best Chinese Restuarant 2015 at Taste Asia Food Festival in TIme SquareVoted Best Dumplings in NY 2015

Northwestern Chinese food is hearty & unapologetic in it’s use of robust spices and flavors.

The hand pulled noodles of this region are unique and different from more commonly known styles that come from Lanzhou/Shaanxi (which are pulled very thin, something made possible with the use of an alkaline additive). Our noodles are made using just water and flour and are rustic and imperfect by design. They are characterized by variations in thickness and uniformity which makes eating them a fun textural journey!

Our house favorite are Ding Ding Noodles, a chopped noodle that is a regional specialty that could be described as being like a mini Chinese gnocchi and are super addictive!
(As of this posting, we are the only shop in New York to have this on the menu)

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